Download Nox App Player for PC, Laptop Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Nox App Player for PC : Download the latest version of Nox app player and play android games for free, run android applications on your computer. Download the best android emulator for your computer, download nox app player and use your computer as an android device and run all the latest online games with this amazing and simple android app player that transforms your computer screen into an android device!

What is good about Android Emulators?

Don’t you miss the thrill of big screen when you are playing high graphic games on the small screen of your android device? Remember the moments when it gets so uncomfortable watching that small screen where all the details start to fade out? When you just wish you had a bigger screen to enjoy all the action on a lager screen with better viewing angles. Now you can using nox app player, that is a simple and elegant app player that can run all the android apps on the big screen of your PC.

Download Nox App Player

You can also download apps for the app player itself, nox player lets you surf all the app stores that provide apps for android just like any other android device. It turns your computer into an android device and you can then download any android app or game from google play store or any other android app store.

Other Android Emulators

If you know anything about android emulators then you must be familiar to Bluestacks app player. Bluestacks app player is one of the most popular app player out there that you can use but there are several problems with the installation procedure and the interface that you will have to think about moving on to another app player on which you can operate more easily and the installation is easy. Bluestacks requires huge amount of data to download its files once you start the installation process and the offline installation isn’t very good either because you will get a far outdated version of the Bluestacks if you are downloading the Bluestacks offline.

Bluestacks has its own advantages such as reliability and secure platform. It is considered as one of the best in terms of security but when you compare the Bluestacks app player and the nox app player, you will find the interface of nox app player far better than that of Bluestacks app player. Also the customization options make nox app player one of the best suited to your needs as you can give it the look you want and you can feel it more like a beautiful embedded software rather than a third party app player for your PC.

One of the most annoying problem that you can face with Bluestacks app player is that it does not support windows 10 and you will not be able to use this android emulator if you have windows 10 operating system on your computer or laptop and I would suggest you to take a look at the minimum system requirements and compatible operating systems of any app player or android emulator you are thinking of downloading.

Download Nox App Player for PC, Laptop Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Nox app player was initially released in August 2015 and since then it has worked its way up to the very top in the android emulators. If you download and install Nox app player on your PC, you will get to know yourself why nox player is now the most favoured app player out there. Nox app player gives you the closest android experience that you would expect from a big screen android tablet. If you want to see the full potential of the Nox app player, I would highly recommend using nox player on your touch screen laptop if you have it. You can use the touch screen feature of nox player on you PC as well if you have a touch screen monitor.


You can download the online as well as the offline installer of the nox app player, the offline installer will obviously be bigger in size but then you can install nox app player on any computer or laptop simply by transferring the offline installer without having to download it all over again or you can download the online installer and install the nox player on your computer through a high speed internet connection. The high speed internet connection isn’t necessary but it is recommended to complete the installation process in minutes.

Exclusive Features of Nox App Player

We would be talking about the features of the nox player offline installer as most of the features are same on both online and offline installer and majority of people download the offline installer only.

The latest version of nox player was released in December 2015 that is Nox Player 3.0 which runs on Android 4.4.2 kernel that is not the latest version of android but it is hard to find any android emulator with any higher version of android.

How to download and install Nox Player on PC/Laptop,Windows 10/8/8.1/7 & Mac

Installation procedure of nox player is rather simple than one might think. Follow the below given steps to install the Bluestacks alternative on your pc.


  1. First of all you will need to download the offline or online installer. You can download the installer from the official website itself or you can also download the nox player online and offline installers using our provided links.
  2. Run the downloaded installer on you PC, you will see the process starting and after it is installed you will see the start button, press it to start using nox app player.
  3. You will then asked to sing in using your google account, you can either sing in with your existing google account or you can make a new account with the given options.
  4. Download apps from the embedded google play store and enjoy.

Minimum System Requirements for Nox Player

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 3 GB Hard disk space
  • 1GB Video memory

Thank you for reading our Nox app player guide and comment your queries if you are facing any difficulties installing nox app player on your PC, we will be happy to help you and thank you for downloading Nox App Player.